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Pure gives Bella a natural and convenient diet with all the benefits of a fresh home prepared meal

“We welcomed Bella into our home in august - Bella is our first puppy & after doing some research we decided we want to feed as much home cooked & raw foods as possible so she will be happy & healthy for many years to come! Although i was worried would she get all the correct nutrients from a home cooked diet?! THEN i discovered PURE :) We transitioned her over slowly & she loves it!  The 10/15 min wait until the foods rehydrates is hard for her but she waits patiently like a good girl & the bowl is licked clean in seconds! Her coat is super soft & she is full of energy. I also love how its a great way to add extra water into their diet to keep them nice & hydrated. Very conveniently packaged we love it!"
Bella and Bliss


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