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Thank you for making us the closest thing to 'raw' feeding

Both are two Shih Tzu friends who go over to one another houses to play. When pure is prepped in the kitchen they have fights and wait the WHOLE 15 mins in the kitchen looking at the food and each other to who will get a bowl first. Gus enjoy's his food but Arabella is a dog that doesn't even like herself so finding a dog food that gets her excited is brilliant. She's never sat for 15 mins in a kitchen, she would usually walk off and let Gus eat it. We LOVE Pure and it's also great that we are going on holiday to France this week and don't have to take a load of tins.. Just one nice box of Pure. 

Thank you for making us the closest thing to 'raw' feeding as I just couldn't bare a chicken leg being on my carpet or all over the floor as she's a sloppy eater. 

We rate Pure 10/10

Jade, Arabella and Gus


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