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A success story like this makes us love what we do even more

A success story like this makes us love what we do even more :)

“I bought the trial pack for my old girl after weeks of her not wanting to eat anything including her favourite chicken, veg and gravy. She'll be 16 in a couple of weeks and I was worrying she was at the end of her life and my vet was agreeing too, but now after just a few days she's like a different dog, bouncing around again with her toys and younger furry sister. It's incredible the difference it's made for her. She has always been one for gravy and soupy wet dinners so I make it with extra water for her. I think for my old girl this has literally been a life saver”

Fiona and Brogan

Updated success story :) 

“Yesterday it was Brogans 16th birthday 

She had a vet check today for her arthritis and the main reason she had stopped eating, her sore gums. Due to her age, her ageing heart meant an anesthetic is out of the question so a dental is off the cards so it has been a very worrying time. 

I started feeding her Pure as a very watery soup 2 weeks ago and as she wasn't eating it was a hard transfer from her old food and she absolutely loved it. The 10 minute wait for her by the moaning and huffing she makes, must feel like hours lol but then there's a clean dish in minutes and she had no problems tummy wise by the changeover. I noticed a difference within days to her gums and the vet confirmed today that her gums are almost back to normal. 

The massive plus for me, as well as her health of course, is that her previously stinky breath has gone so kisses and cuddles are also back on the menu which makes us both very happy. 

I'm am so glad I found Pure and thank you for the amazing difference it's made to her health and happiness. ”


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