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The Pure Difference


Although a quick & easy option, these dry processed biscuits fail to get our tails wagging. Pure provides a wholesome natural alternative, whilst still being as convenient!

Pure provides the benefits of a wet food by being highly palatable and keeping your dog hydrated. However, we don't add any additives or preservatives and Pure won't go off shortly after opening! 

We believe a raw diet is great for your dog, but it doesn’t suit every owner; defrosting raw meat can be really time consuming and can take up a lot of freezer space. Pure is raw without the thaw! Providing complete and balanced nutrition with no risk of salmonella.

Pure is as close as you can get to a fresh homemade meal. Warm, yummy food to please even the fussiest pooch or the most sensitive hound. Serving a fully balanced and complete meal, without making a mess in the kitchen!


As your dog matures into an adult a regular diet providing the right balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals is key. These low processed, grain, yeast and wheat free recipes are made with only the freshest human grade ingredients which are gently dehydrated to provide a balanced and nutritious diet.

Puppies can burn through almost twice as many calories as adult dogs as their bodies quickly develop into adults. It’s vital that this development is supported by a nutritious and healthy diet. These natural and low processed recipes, free from grain and wheat are made with only the freshest human grade ingredients to provide just the right amount of nutrients and goodness to ensure growing dogs can thrive.

As your dog gets older their nutritional needs change. A lower calorie diet made up of easy to digest protein and a careful balance of vitamins and minerals is essential to support their aging immune system and support a healthy condition. These natural and low processed recipes, made with only the freshest human grade ingredients provide an ideal diet for senior dogs.


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