Creating your subscription is incredibly simple.

1. First select the recipe and product size you would like.

2. Choose Frequency:
After selecting your Pure recipe, make sure the "Subscribe And Save" button is selected.

3. Delivery Every:
Select the frequency of your subscription, anywhere from 1-31 weeks. You can even select the exact numbers of days you would like your food to be delivered! 

4. Finally, click the "Add To Cart" button.


You can use our handy subscription calculator on our recipe pages to work out the best subscription for your pets. 


1. Click "My Account" icon in the top right of your desktop or mobile. Or follow this link: LOGIN

2. Fill in the details and click "Create Account"


You can change how often you would like your Pure food to be delivered at any time.

1. Simply Login to your account and choose 'Manage Subscriptions'

2. You will see your current subscriptions here, click "Manage".

3. Click "Change Upcoming Order Date"

4. Select your new delivery date.

5. Click "Okay"


1. Login to your Pure account.

2. Find the product you wish to add.

3. Select the "Subscribe & Save" button.

4. Click "Add To Existing Subscription".

5. This will automatically add your product to your next subscription order.


You can pause your Pure subscription at any time by selecting "Upcoming Orders" in the "Manage Subscriptions" page.

1. Login to your Pure account.

2. On the main account page select "Manage Subscriptions".

3. Click "Manage" and select "Upcoming Orders" from the drop down.

3. Pause the subscription dates you would like to miss.


Sometimes your pet can use up more Pure than you were anticipating and you need your subscription delivering immediately. To have your subscription shipped immediately:

1. Login to your Pure account

2. On your main account page select "Manage Subscriptions".

3. Select "Change Upcoming Order Date" from the dropdown.

4. Select the date you would like next your Pure order to be shipped.


1. Login to your Pure account.

2. Visit the "Manage Subscriptions" page.

3. Click "Apply Discount Code".

4. Enter valid discount code and click "Save". 


1. Login to your Pure account

2. Click the "Manage Subscriptions" tab.

3. Click "Manage" and select "Cancel Order" from the dropdown menu.

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